PROJECT TITLE: SLIMPORT - (Leader of the whole project: ELSAG DATAMAT; of the University of Genoa: CIELI, together with several departments of Engineering) AMOUNT: Finished Request 630,000 euros - CIELI fee 250,000 euros. CUSTOMER / PARTNER: Ministry for Economic Development EFFECT AND DURATION: beginning of March 2009 (conclusion 2015) BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The SLIMPORT development program (Security, Logistics, Port Inter-modality) carries out an innovative port project integrating modular solutions aimed at making operational processes efficient within the last mile of the sea and the first mile of the earth, allowing: 1) the reduction of stationing and transit time for goods and passengers in transport nodes; 2) the speeding up of loading, unloading and transhipment operations; 3) cooperation with the infotelematic systems for managing existing operational processes in the area; 4) increasing security in port operations while safeguarding business logic; 5) intermodality in the chain logistics; 6) decongestion of transport and sustainable transport mobility.
Last update 14 September 2022