Project SRSP

In December 2019, CIELI signed a grant agreement with DG Reform under the Structural Reform Support Service (SRSS).The aim of the project is to prepare a set of actions and procedures to be activated in emergency situations involving the transport and logistics system. Genoa will be used as a case study to define a set of actions to be implemented in case situations such as the fall of the Morandi bridge should occur again. The project will provide technical assistance to the Municipality of Genoa.Actions that the project "New Economic Regulation for Transport in case of Emergency Events" will be develope:  


The research team on this project is composed of: Claudio Ferrari, Enrico Musso, Anna Bottasso, Maurizio Conti, PierPaolo Puliafito, Simona Sacone, Silvia Siri, Alessio Tei, Cecilia Pasquale, Marta Santagata and Massimo Albanese.

The deliverables of the project can be consulted and downloaded in pdf format.

Last update 14 September 2022