Mission of CIELI

A centre of excellence founded in 2003 (Ministry of Education, University and Research call for applications to set up centres of excellence, 2001)
Original name: C.I.E.L.I. - Italian Centre of Excellence in Integrated Logistics
2017: Restructuring/enlargement
Current name: CIELI - Italian Centre of Excellence in logistics, transport and infrastructure
55 lecturers from Genoa University currently work closely with CIELI
The Social Sciences school (Economics, Law, Political science) and the Polytechnic School (Engineering)
Research activities and technological transfer: projects to the tune of 0.9M€ (2017)
Teaching activities: PhDs, 2nd level Master degrees, Summer school, postgraduate courses.

CIELI’s Mission is applying scientific research and advanced training to the logistics and transport sector, integrating its different thematic areas (shipping, land transport, air transport, supply chain, industrial logistics, distributive logistics, security, ICT for future logistics and transport security, etc.).
To respond to this, CIELI enhances qualified skills in the field of logistics and transport of lecturers and researchers from Genoa University’s Social Sciences School and the Polytechnic School and organises them in the context of specific projects: interdisciplinarity is a value and a distinctive factor and strength of the Centre.

Institutional research is a fundamental objective for CIELI: moreover, CIELI aims to be a meeting point between the academic and business world by putting in place research and training projects based on the demands of the business world and institutions in order to create concrete and measurable impacts on the productive fabric.
With consistently high quality scientific production, CIELI aims to establish itself successfully in the national and international panorama as a point of reference for research and training in the field of logistics and transport thus becoming a key partner for institutions and business.

Last update 14 September 2022