MoS 24 ICT

Project title: HORIZON 2020 - MG.8.2-2014 Next generation transport infrastructure: resource efficient, smarter and safer Cost: 128,000 euro Customer/PARTNER: European Commission Starting date and duration: Began in January 2015 (20 months) Brief description: The project aims to evaluate the technological and economic feasibility of an innovative system for loading/unloading containers. Project title: MoS 24 ICT based Co-modality Promotion Center for integrating PP24 into Mediterranean MoS (part of the TEN-T Multi-Annual Work Programme 2007-2013) Cost: 85,000 euro Customer/PARTNER: European Commission Starting date and duration: July 2011 – June 2014 (35 months) Brief description: In the geographical area affected by the project, Ligurian ports are the southern multipart access point to the network, where 4 TEN-T priority projects overlap in single intermodal junction (PP01, PP06, PP24 e PP21). The southern access is less developed than the northern one (Rotterdam and Antwerp ports, the internal terminal in Duisburg and some of the main northern logistic centres): internal terminals are rare and the logistics centres are small and uncoordinated, including the ports. The objective of this project is to rebalance the corridor by promoting and activating multimodality with particular reference to the southern border and TIC issues.
Last update 14 September 2022